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Marbel Eyes and Eyebrow Brush Set:Have perfect eye makeup with a marble brush set.It includes 7 brushes that provide you with smooth and perfect application.Each brush made with a lightweight wooden handle with synthetic fibers that provides perfect control and smoothness application.With this brush..
127.03 SAR
Marble Angled Brush:The Soft Curve Face & Cheek Brush features a scooped design that’s made to hug the curves of your face for precise application.Its synthetic fibers are ultra-soft and gentle so that they lay on color without disturbing the makeup underneath.Perfect to apply contour, bronzer, ..
65.55 SAR 50.60 SAR
Marble Flat Brush:The flat-top buffer is perfect for buffing in foundation, blending in powders, and applying bronzer.The durable, dense bristles offer excellent control and smooth application.You will get a great flawless skin looking...
65.55 SAR 51.75 SAR
Marble Professional Makeup Brush :Designed with a flat brush head that is perfect for contouring & defining the face features.The durable, dense bristles offer excellent control over makeup application.Leaves your makeup effortlessly defined. ..
65.55 SAR 52.90 SAR
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