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Fair and white

Fair & White - Gold AHA Lotion - 350 ml
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Fair & White - Gold AHA Lotion:Promotes suppleness of the skin, nourishes and moisturizes itIt treats dryness and calms dry skinThis lightweight, gentle, nourishing skin treatment is easily absorbed by the skin..
151.80 SAR 124.48 SAR
Vitamin C Body Lotion:Formulated with powerful Vitamin C to moisturize your skin and give a moisturizing effectProtects from environmental pollutants and protects against sun damageHelps lighten dark and discolored areas, and instantly bring out radiant complexion..
266.80 SAR 218.78 SAR
Fair & White Original Carrot Body Lotion:Helps retain moistureIt absorbs quickly to give you a non-greasy feelingLeaves skin soft and radiantUsed to provide daily body careCertified and skin-friendly..
182.85 SAR 80.50 SAR
Fair & White Exfoliating Soap: This great soap is formulated to accelerate the elimination of dead skin cells. Cleanses and buffs away dull skin, restoring radiance. Allows for quick and effective penetration of lightening and brightening actives into the skin.Leaves the skin smoo..
56.21 SAR 46.09 SAR
Lightening Body Lotion Light with Acids:Formulated with moisturizing and anti-aging substances to brighten and revitalize the complexionMoisturizes and brightens dull and uneven skin tone with AHA lactic acidApply a thin layer of lotion to clean, dry skin, preferably in the evening, and follow it by..
182.85 SAR 80.50 SAR
Fair & White Original AHA Lightening Cream:This great cream is formulated to smooth and hydrate skin as it gently evens out skin tone.Brightens while minimizing dark spots with natural plant Bearberry Extract. Restores radiance with AHA exfoliant, Glycolic Acid.Leaves the skin hydrated and ..
61.83 SAR 50.70 SAR
Fair & White Original Brightening Serum:Specifically formulated to even out overall facial discoloration.Reduces stubborn blotchy, brown spots, acne scarring and/or uneven skin tone with a potent agent.Suitable for oily and combination skinFor radiant, even-looking, moisturized skin with a revit..
57.67 SAR 47.29 SAR
Fair & White Vitamin C Facial Treatment Cream:It is used as a face treatment that purifies the complexion and gives it smoothness, clarity and radiance.Also, daily use of the cream rich in Vitamin C works to protect the skin and treat discoloration, which gives you a radiant complexion.Your comp..
86.25 SAR 70.73 SAR
Fair and White Blue Exfoliating Soap:It cleanses and removes dead skin cells and instantly restores radiance with Apricot Seed PowderThe skin texture is softened with hydration and nourishment..
64.40 SAR 52.81 SAR
The original milk whitening body lotion:Specially formulated to lighten skin toneDeeply moisturizes your lipsUVB 50+ protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun..
182.85 SAR 92.00 SAR
Moisturizing and Smoothing Body Lotion:Infused with glycerine and vitamin "E", this moisturizer eliminates dry skin, restoring skin texture to its smooth, silky and healthy looking complexion.Apply moisturizer as needed to clean dry skinGently massage it into your skin and let it dry..
241.50 SAR 198.03 SAR
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