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Schick intuition

Schick Intuition Shaving razor and foaming mousse with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E :Details+ intuition is the only razor that lathers and moisturizes during shaving.No need for shave gel, soap or body wash, Just add water. It also features a 4-blade pivoting head to glide smoothly along the contour..
63.25 SAR 40.25 SAR
Schick Intuition Renewing Moisture Pomegranate Extract:The secret to an easy, yet luxuriously close shave women razor blades, with 4 blades and built-in shave gel bars.Simply add water for a light lather and a smooth shave with the fresh scent of pomegranate extract to soothe your senses.This razor ..
63.25 SAR 39.10 SAR
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