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Fly Up - HD Foundation:Gives complete coverage of blemishesContains antioxidant Vitamin E and silk proteinsMoisturizes the skin and protects it from wrinkles and fine linesGives freshness and radiance to the skinadvice :As a step you can take it all over the faceA light layer instead of the foundati..
287.17 SAR
Flyup HD Loose Powder:Feels natural with medium coverageA formula that distributes color to look natural and get flawless and moisturized skinA powder that blends easily with the skin, hiding any imperfections and unifying the skin tonePerfect for all skin types and available in all shadesMade with ..
247.31 SAR
Primer for illumination and illumination from Flyup:It is used before the foundation to give glow and freshness to the pale skinContains aloe vera to moisturize, vitamin E and sun protectionIt is used for all skin types..
172.50 SAR
Flyup Vitamin C Moisturizing Cream:Use as a day and night moisturizerContains Vitamin C and Vitamin E PeptideGives tightening and lightening and treats fine lines and gives luster to the skinSize: 50 ml..
293.25 SAR
FlyUp Firming Stem Cell Serum:Stem cell serum to tighten and stimulate collagen to repair skin defects.Contains milk protein responsible for soothing the skin.Contains antioxidants.It works with a new technology called (DNA repair technology)Where it works to repair skin defects as a result of expos..
172.50 SAR
Lavendiola eyelash strengthening serum from fly up
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Lavandula eyelashes enhancer for eyelash extensions:Its composition: Aloe Vera extract, which works to intensify eyelashes and eyebrowsIt activates their growth process and is full of Omega 3 to stimulate the growth of eyelashes and eyebrowsIt also contains vitamin E, vitamin (niacinamide) n b3 and ..
292.03 SAR
Complete Retinol Night Care Serum:It clears the skinIt hides fine lines and wrinklesWorks to treat acne scarsIt treats pores and regulates sebum secretionIt works to rejuvenate the skin and treat melasma and pigmentationIt moisturizes and tightens the skinContains vitamin A, E, urea, hyaluronic acid..
256.07 SAR
Ultra HD Moisturizing Firming Face Cream:Get tight and wrinkle free skin with HD Ultra Moisturizing Cream.Advantages:-Nourishes and moisturizes the skinAnti-wrinkle and anti-aging cream that works to tighten the skinIt is characterized by its high quality, light texture and gentle on the skin, which..
313.78 SAR
Primer Foundation from Fly Up:Keeps the skin matte and keeps make-up for a longer periodPerfect primer for a radiant look, uniform color and perfect lookظهر..
175.95 SAR
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