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Clinique Skincare Type III Pack:Designed specifically for people with combination oily skin, the 3 Step Intro Kit -Skin Type 3- from Clinique's collection is a must-have for a fresh complexion cleanse. With a cleanser, exfoliating lotion, and hydrating gel, the trio is sure to leave your skin pamper..
178.25 SAR
Clinique Superblender Make Up Face Foundation:An oil-free foundation, featuring a unique long-wearing formula with SPF 15 sun protection.Ideal for all skin types, it conceals small wrinkles and gives you full coverage with a radiant look.A great choice for an even complexion...
184.00 SAR
Clinique Moisturizing Lotion for Dry Skin:Moisturizing lotion for very dry to combination dry skin.Light texture that provides fast penetration.Fills the skin with optimum hydration.Smoothes and comforts the skin directly and improves the texture of the skinLeaves skin healthy and radiant The lightw..
109.25 SAR
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